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Where is the Social Science Gateway?

The Social Science Gateway (SSG) grant has ended, please read here about ongoing availability of resources created as part of that project.

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Installing SSH Secure Client

This page describes how to download and install the SSH Secure Shell Client

  1. Download the file sshsecureshellclient-3.2.9. Save it to an easily accessible place (your Windows desktop is a good choice).
  2. Start the installation by double-clicking on sshsecureshellclient-3.2.9.exe in Windows Explorer.
  3. When the installation is complete, double click on the Desktop Icon to start the program.
  4. Go the the file menu and select Connect.
  5. Enter the host name:
  6. Enter your username.
  7. Enter your password, when prompted.

(Source: W&M)