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Where is the Social Science Gateway?

The Social Science Gateway (SSG) grant has ended, please read here about ongoing availability of resources created as part of that project.

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[ECCO] Planned downtime for ECCO Thursday, 2014-09-14 3PM

Continuing in our efforts to stabilize the storage on ECCO, there will be another downtime.

DATE: Thursday, 9/4/14
TIME: 3:00pm
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[ECCO] Cluster back up (for now)

The ECCO cluster is up again, with a temporary location to replace the failed home directory. Moving forward, Continue reading →

[SDS] Clean-up of SDSx after migration

After the migration earlier this summer to the new Synthetic Data Server cluster, and with the increasing size of the user communities of both the Synthetic LBD (SynLBD) and the SIPP Synthetic Beta (SSB), we also implemented a change in group memberships. Continue reading →

[ECCO] yet another hard drive failure

To all users of the cluster:


REASONS: /home storage unit has had 2 drive failures.

WHO WILL BE AFFECTED? All Users of the cluster


STATUS: NO further jobs can start as of NOW. A follow-up message will be sent upon completion.


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Registration open for "High-performance computing for Economists 2014 edition"

Registration for High-performance computing for Economists 2014 edition is now open. Registration is required. To register for this workshop, please complete and submit the form here: