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Where is the Social Science Gateway?

The Social Science Gateway (SSG) grant has ended, please read here about ongoing availability of resources created as part of that project.

We support:

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[ECCO] Limited functionality after hard drive crash

ECCO currently has limited functionality for some users due to a hard drive [...]

Repository and download servers down

We are experiencing a failed UPS in the rack hosting the download and repository servers. Staff are working on it.

[UPDATE 2014-05-20 5PM] Back up again.

Website problems 2014-04-16

We had website problems (DNS was changed) yesterday for (general address) (the news site) (some of our wikis)

Everything should be back to normal now (DNS might still be propagating for some). Sorry for the [...]

[ECCO] Cluster monitoring tool now available from everywhere

The ECCO monitoring tool is now available from anywhere (with internet access) at or through the ECCO menu on this site. You can also access a mobile interface from your mobile device.

[ECCO] Cluster monitoring tool now available from campus network

When within the Cornell campus network, you can now monitor the cluster (and your jobs) at We are still working on making it available from off-campus. Note that you can also access this webpage when logged on to ECCO itself (within the NX session), which may help those who are off-campus. Alternatively, access it [...]