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Updates on VirtualRDC hardware

Updates on new and modified hardware are posted here. An overview of the installed hardware is available under "Available resources."


Events are listed here in reverse chronological order. You can also consult the "Upcoming Events" calendar in the sidebar.

Software on and by the VirtualRDC

The "Software" category groups articles on new and updated software available on any one of the VirtualRDC servers. We also provide RPM packages for certain Novell SUSE distributions, which can be downloaded on the Software download page. These files are provided as a convenience for the community. No support or guarantees are offered, but feedback [...]

VirtualRDC library

The VirtualRDC has a collection of articles on data pertinent to the VirtualRDC, descriptions of relevant documents, and a selection of how-to guides. New users might want to read in particular the article on "How to use the VirtualRDC." For a regularly updated list of datasets available on the VirtualRDC, consult the "Overview of available [...]