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Geographical information systems (GIS) on VRDC?

If you have interest in geographical information systems on the VRDC, please read on. [...]

Class using VRDC

The INFO 747 class on "Social and Economic Data", taught in the spring of 2005 by John Abowd here at Cornell uses the VRDC for its labs. You can find more information on the class at

How to use the VirtualRDC

See this guide by Lars. Please note that the document may refer to ""; however you should use "" or whatever login node you were assigned in your "Welcome to the Cornell VirtualRDC" email instead.

Userguide for the (V)RDC user interface (SuSE/KDE)

Have a look here.

Statistical Modelling Blog by Andrew Gelman and others

Andrew Gelman has a blog, with frequent and very detailed discussions of many different subjects. You can find it at