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New word processor and spreadsheet available in all VRDC environments

The absence of word processors and spreadsheets on Linux/IA64 has been a hurdle to more efficient use of the (V)RDC. We have tested and subsequently installed Softmaker Office, a very lightweight office suite with strong MS Office compatibility that runs fine under x86 emulation mode. [...]

We are now signing RPMs we provide.

We are now signing the RPMs, you can find the GPG key at [...]

SAS license updated

The SAS license on VRDC6401 has been updated.

Incompatibility of this site with Internet Explorer fixed

The problem was the calendar plugin. It was removed, until a compliant solution can be found for those Internet Explorer users out there...

Incompatibility of this site with Internet Explorer

It has come to our attention that this site might not render properly on Internet Explorer.