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Jarmin and Miranda, LBD documentation

The definitive documentation of the Census Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) can be found on the CES website.

Description of QWI confidentiality protection methods

A paper by Abowd, Stephens and Vilhuber (2005), and the corresponding presentation at JSM2005, describe the confidentiality protection methods used for the Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI). The paper was presented in session 431 of the Joint Statistical Meetings 2005, in Minneapolis, MN on August [...]

American Housing Survey zero obs data available

We have uploaded zero obs datasets for the AHS datasets.

LEHD zero observation SAS datasets available

We have put zero obs datasets for LEHD datasets onto the VRDC. [...]

Scheduled downtime

We will be installing new storage equipment on VRDC6401. The system will be down on Aug 16 and 17 (provisionally). Please contact the VRDC administrators if this causes you problems.