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Recently installed new software on VRDC6401: Summary

We recently integrated a developer kit for our version of Linux, that made available to us several software packages that had previously been missing (for many users, painfully missing) from the OS on VRDC6401. [...]

MPICH2 is installed on VRDC6401

MPICH2 version 1.0 was installed a while ago on VRDC6401. [...]

LAPACK and MPICH1 libraries updated

LAPACK libraries have been installed, and MPICH 1.2 libraries have been updated. [...]

(X)emacs installed on VRDC6401

Xemacs has been newly installed, and Emacs updated, on VRDC6401. [...]

Versioning systems installed on VRDC6401

Two versioning systems (CVS and Subversion) are installed on VRDC6401. [...]