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Welcome back

Over the holidays, we updated the website. Let us know how you like it. You will need to update your RSS feeds. [...]

Maintenance downtime on VRDC6401

Downtime 9 December 2005 8:00

A maintenance downtime is scheduled for VRDC6401 for 9 December 2005 at 8:00. We will be adding additional hardware.

SmartSVN updated

The SmartSVN client for Subversion has been updated on all VRDC nodes. You can use this client on any Windows, Macintosh, or Linux system to access the VirtualRDC code repositories

Overview of LEHD Infrastructure files, including QWI

UPDATED 2009, 2012

This paper by John Abowd, Bryce Stephens, Lars Vilhuber, and their co-authors, was originally presented at the NBER-CRIW conference in April 2005. It is also available as LEHD TP-2006-01 (and replaces LEHD TP-2002-05), The paper describes the LEHD Infrastructure files, most of which are or will be available in the RDCs. It [...]