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Useful list of free online programming tutorials and books

For those programming here on the VirtualRDC or elsewhere, this list might be a useful reference point. Don't forget the ever useful UCLA Academic Technology Services pages and our very own CISER Online Computing Help. For those preferring the source, the SAS Online Documentation is always useful.

NSF01 is accessible again

NSF01 is accessible again since noon on 26 April 2006. Fast disk access to 7.5TB is now available under /temporary/saswork1. However, direct access using thin clients is still not feasible until the NX server gets re-installed - please log in to your local RDC node (rdc07, rdc10) first, then SSH to NSF01 (this is confirmed [...]

Icon Programming Language available

We have compiled the latest version of the Icon programming language. RPM packages can be downloaded for i586, x86_64, and ia64 at our download site.

NSF01 hopefully back up by 27 April 2006

The latest news from CSvD is

We think we are close. We think the system will be usable tomorrow. [...] more details tomorrow.

NSF01 expected back up by early 25 April 2006

The primary system disk had problems that prevented booting since Friday. It looks like the problem has been nailed down, and a solution found. Quoting a Census email message:

"NSF01 will be booted from B drive. The goal is to have NSF01 available by COB today with existing data. Tomorrow Paul [Garn, SGI] and [...]