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NSF01 is down

NSF01 has done down during non-routine system maintenance, system disk degraded. More details to follow. As of 11:21, the system is down, and is expected to remain down for at least Monday morning as well.

NX servers updated

We have updated the NX servers on all nodes to the commercial NoMachine version. This should improve reliability and functionality.

Minor maintenance on VRDC nodes today

We will be doing some minor maintenance on the VirtualRDC nodes today, affecting only the NX method of logging in. Other access methods should be unaffected. Consult the VirtualRDC guide on how to use the other methods.

SAS Data Quality Server license extended

The license for SAS DQ server, which can be used for fuzzy matching of datasets similar to SRD matchers,has been renewed.

Useful tips for R users

A link I found with lots of useful R tips. As so often, thanks to the Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science blog.