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NSF01: possible reboot and brief downtime Wed 19 April 3 PM (POSTPONED AGAIN)

The brief interruption of activity on NSF01 is to finally clear up the SGI storage issue. Activity will occur on the SGI storage subsystem, and a reboot may occur. (This was originally scheduled for earlier in the day).

NSF01: possible reboot and brief downtime Wed 19 April 8 AM (POSTPONED)

This was postponed to later in the day.

Southwestern Economic Association Annual Meetings

The 86th Annual Meetings of the Southwestern Economic Association are being held in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS April 12-15, 2006.

New tools (LaTeX, Subversion) available on NSF01

Thanks to the CSvD support staff, we now have access to

subversion (track changes in your programs, and roll back changes, if needed) LaTeX (including AMS-LaTeX and the ability to create PDF files directly)

Please let us know if you have any other software requirements, and we will work with CSvD to implement them. [...]

We've updated the VirtualRDC guide

The VirtualRDC guide describes the steps you need to perform in order to log in to one of our [...]