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CALL FOR PAPERS: Privacy in statistical databases 2006

"Privacy in Statistical Databases'2006" (PSD'2006) is the main conference of the CENEX-SDC project funded by Eurostat and will be used to raise the awareness of SDC in Europe and beyond. (see conference announcement) { display: none; [...]

NX servers on permanent license

We have ended our trial period for the NX commercial server, and they are now permanently implemented. { display: none; [...]

Zero-obs files for the LEHD-GAL datasets available

The zero obs datasets for the LEHD Geocoded Address List (GAL) are now available on the VirtualRDC. { display: none; [...]

NSF01: update on 7TB scratch space

The scratch space is back up. { display: none; }

NSF01: 7TB should be available again Wednesday afternoon.

Another disk failed NSF01:/temporary/saswork1 failed. { display: none; [...]