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NSF01 scratch space available again

NSF01's 7TB scratch space is available again. A failed disk drive was replaced. You will need to check your files, since most likely some files were damaged.

NSF01 now up again

CSvD gave clearance to use the system at 7:30 on June 7, 2006.

NSF01 down again

(9:46 EDT) NSF01 is down again, SGI engineer is on the way in. System won't be rebooted until he gets in.

NSF01 cautiously running...

The system has been up for about two days now, though not continuously. SGI is still digging through the system logs trying to find what's wrong. No luck yet, so save frequently...

NSF01 is down

As of 2pm Pacific time on Sunday, NSF01 was not responding to PINGS or ssh requests. SGI service personnel is expected today at 9AM (Eastern time).