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Information Science Breakfast meeting: Synthetic Data: We Made the Numbers Up, but It's OK to Use Them

The next Information Science Breakfast meeting will be held on the coming Friday, October 13. Our speaker will be John Abowd, Professor of ILR and IS, and a member in the Getting Connected project of the Institute for Social Sciences (ISS).

Who: John Abowd, Professor of ILR and IS When: Friday, October 13, 10-11am (coffee [...]

NSF01: temp storage still offline

NSF01's temp storage is still offline, there are technical problems with rebuilding the filesystem. No ETA when the problem will be solved.

NSF01: Unscheduled downtime

The recent disk failure will be repaired tonight on the large temp storage. This requires a reboot. Sorry for the short [...]

CISER co-sponsors and hosts Social Sciences Reception on November 1, 2006

The Social Sciences Reception will be held at 391 Pine Tree Road (CISER's location). We look forward to seeing you from 4:00pm - 6:00pm on Wednesday, November 1st.

NSF01: temp storage offline

Due to a disk failure on NSF01, /temporary/saswork1/ is currently not accessible. SGI support has been called, but the problem may not be resolved until tomorrow.  As an interim solution, the default -SASWORK has been pointed to /temporary/small/.