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On The Map data for Virginia, Colorado, Florida available

On The Map public use synthetic data for the three states is available for 2002-2003. Only a single implicate is available. { display: none; }

Downtimes in the RDC

The Cornell-assigned RDC server RDC10 is being converted to RedHat Linux and will be down either on April 9/10 or March 19/20. NSF01 should not be impacted by this procedure, but please let the Cornell RDC administrator (Lisa Dragoset) know if the downtime causes problems. { display: none; }

Subversion enhancements on VRDC servers

For those using Subversion from the command line, a new command-line completion has been installed on the VRDC nodes. For all others, SmartSVN has been updated to 2.1.5. { display: none; }