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Call for Papers: Labor Market Flows, Productivity and Wage Dynamics: Ideas and Results

Call for papers to “LABOR MARKET FLOWS, PRODUCTIVITY AND WAGE DYNAMICS: IDEAS AND RESULTS FROM EMPIRICAL RESEARCH ON EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE LINKED LONGITUDINAL DATABASES”. The conference is organized by LABORatorio R. Revelli, Centre for Employment Studies, and will be held in Moncalieri (Torino) at Collegio Carlo Alberto on September 14 – 15, 2007.

VRDC6401 back up (late notice...)

Sorry for the late notice, but VRDC6401 was back up again on May 17 (after a power failure, the node had failed to turn back on again...)

VRDC6401 down

We are working on a fix.

QWI Public Use data available for download on VirtualRDC

NOTE: this post has been superseded, and minor edits made to the text below. Please consult [...]

Addition of LaTeX functionality on the VRDC Trac sites

For those of you using the Trac Wikis, LaTeX rendering has been enabled.