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2007 EEA-ESEM meeting in Budapest

Aug 27-31, 2007Budapest, Hungary

The next joint European meeting of the European Economic Association and the Econometric Society (EEA/ESEM) will take place in Budapest, Hungary, August 27 – 31, 2007. The call for papers closed on February 15, 2007. More information is available at

SAS updated on all servers

All SAS installations have been updated with the latest applicable (post SP4) hotfixes as of today.

Applications for access to the SIPP Synthetic Beta are now being accepted by US Census

The SIPP Synthetic Beta files will soon be available on the VirtualRDC. Application documents and codebook at There is a button for "Access Synthetic SIPP Data" which points to the Census Bureau application and the online documentation. Check the Virtual RDC news site for the announcement that the compute server dedicated to the SIPP [...]