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QWI Public Use files updated to R2007Q3

We have updated the local copy of the QWI Public Use files to R2007Q3, which for most states contains data up to 2006:4. Access methods to the Cornell VirtualRDC's copy of the QWI Public Use files are described at .

Stata10 MP available on VRDC3203

We have finally installed our Stata10 MP license on VRDC3203 (Quad-core, 8GB).

Preparing R upgrade

In preparation for the R upgrade on NSF01, we will be upgrading R on VRDC6401 over the weekend. Please let us know if this causes problems. R will be upgraded from 2.4.0 to 2.5.1.

Repository will be temporarily unavailable for system upgrades late on 2007-10-10

We are applying security patches to The system will be unavailable for one hour late on Wednesday, 2007-10-10.

OpenOffice on compute nodes upgraded to 2.3

OpenOffice on all nodes has been upgraded to version 2.3. Consult for more details.