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R available on VRDC SSB server

R 2.6.1 and (at least) its packages MASS and MCMCpack are available. Please let me know if you need further R packages.

SSL certificate updated for repository

The SSL certificate for the Subversion repository server has been updated. This should take care of any "mismatched" certificate you might have encountered since our migration to the domain.

Scheduled Downtime for NSF01 on Friday, January 18 from 10:30 am - 11:30 am.

Downtime to enable auditing.

Usage agreement updated, rules of behavior added

Our usage agreement has been updated with a reference to new Rules of Behavior. Users of our systems, in particular those accessing compute servers, should carefully read the latter document. Failure to follow the rules of behavior will lead to revocation of access privileges.

Upgrading to SLES9 SP4

We will be upgrading the SLES9 machines to SP4. There will be a short downtime at the end of the upgrade process.