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RDC10 downtime 6am-8am on 5/12

from Lisa Dragoset:

RDC10 is scheduled to go down from 6am-8am on 5/12 for CEN16 updates. If this poses a problem for anyone, please let me know ASAP.

This will impact NSF01 users as well, since login will not be possible for NYCRDC-based researchers. { display: none; }

NX on NSF01 will be disabled

NX stopped working when NSF01 was rebuilt and the new storage was installed.  After polling the current user base, it doesn't look like there is a large demand for direct NX access, and we have requested it be uninstalled. { display: none; [...]

Update of site software

The software running this site has been updated. Please let us know if you encounter any problems. { display: none; }

R updated to 2.6.2 on x86_64 nodes

To ensure compatibility with NSF01, we have not yet updated the ia64 nodes. { display: none; }

VRDC3201 (SSB server) available again

Physical problem with power supply fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. { display: none; }