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SIPP SSB files available as CSV files on SSB server

For those of you who are R users, at user request I created CSV versions of all implicates.

Sample code for R (contributed by C. Kohnen):

Since these files are in a csv format and the first row of the file contains the variable names, one would usually use

dataname = read.csv("datafilename.csv")

If [...]

Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data 2008 (CAED)

Budapest, Hungary May 22-24, 2008

CAED invites submissions of extended abstracts and sessions for its 8th conference on research using enterprise micro data. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, reallocation, productivity, ICT, R&D, competition, transition, development, labor, adjustment costs, environment, corporate governance, trade, and linked employer-employee analysis. The conference will include keynotes, [...]

NSF01 access from Cornell RDC restricted again on Friday, 2008-05-23

From Lisa (Cornell RDC administrator):

The NX upgrade for RDC10 did not occur on 5/15 as planned. It has been rescheduled for Friday, 5/23, from 6:30-8am. RDC10 will be down during this time.

VRDCwiki open again

The VRDCwiki is available again, sorry for the delay. [...]

No NSF01 access from Cornell RDC Thu May 15, 6-8:30 AM

Due to a RDC10 downtime on Thursday, access to NSF01 will not be possible from Cornell.