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Downtime of web server and repository on Sep 1, 2008

We will be applying security patches, requiring a downtime of the web-facing servers. You may experience service disruptions. { display: none; }

Repository (Subversion and Trac) available again

The subversion repositories and web interfaces (Webvc and Trac) are active again. { display: none; }

Repository (SVN, Trac) may be temporarily offline today

We are applying security updates and upgrades to It may be temporarily offline. Do not use it actively - data loss may result. { display: none; }

Corrected OTM Version 2 files posted

Some OTM files contained erroneous column headers (the first line of each file). Corrected files have been posted. None of the actual data content was changed. { display: none; [...]

SAS available again on all ia64 nodes

The license file has been implemented, SAS is working again on the ia64 nodes. { display: none; }