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SAS on ia64 nodes expired

We have still not received SAS license renewals on the ia64 nodes. Currently, the software has expired, and is no longer functional. We are working on the issue.

QWI R2008Q2 available for download

We have uploaded QWI release R2008Q2. Data can be downloaded (after registration) from the QWIPU area of this web server. To better accommodate multiple revisions of QWI data, we have also added one directory layer. You will now find the most current release under CURRENT/, with previous releases in their own directories.

QWI download temporarily unavailable

We are updating the QWI files and doing other maintenance. Short periods of inaccessibility may arise. We will post another message when maintenance is finished and the updated data available.

Account request backlog processed

We run a lean operation (i.e., total staff = 1). We were on vacation, which caused some backlog in the account generation for data downloads. The backlog has been processed, and all new users are welcomed to the VirtualRDC. Sorry for the delay.