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Experimental MySQL schema for OnTheMap OD files released

MySQL table definitions and readin programs for the OnTheMap microdata may come in handy to users of the data we distribute. We have posted such programs for the OD files (one of four file types in the OnTheMap public use data [...]

Experimental MySQL schema for QWIPU files released

The QWI public use files are very large. Here at the VirtualRDC, we usually use SAS, but occasionally use MySQL. Table definitions and readin programs may come in handy to other users of our data, and we have posted them here. [...]

QWIPU R2008Q3 (data through 2007:4) for Texas have been made available

The most recent QWIPU data for Texas have been uploaded. The release R2008Q3 covers data through 2007:4. This will allow for analysis of the potential economic impact of Hurricane. [...]

LEHD Infrastructure files in the Census RDC - Overview S2004 [updated]

Describes the structure of the LEHD Infrastructure files of the S2004 snapshot. Includes zero-obs datasets of the datasets.

Stata patches applied and up-to-date on all nodes

We have brought all Stata installations up to 26 Aug 2008.