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Decennial Census Data available in Census RDC, dummy datasets available here

CES has announced the availability of 1970 and 1980 100-percent and sample (long-form) decennial census files in the Census RDC network, as well as an identically structured version of the 1990 decennial census, facilitating research using multiple years of census data. Contact the RDC administrator at one of the Census Research Data Centers or Dr. [...]

QWIPU R2008Q3 (data through 2007:4) for all participating states are available

The most recent QWIPU data for all participating LED states have been uploaded (data for Texas was already previously released). The release R2008Q3 covers data through 2007:4. Registered users can download the data immediately. New users wishing to access the data can request a login for the site by sending an email to [...]

2008 Census Research Data Center Annual Conference

Duke University, Durham NC October 13, 2008

2008 Census Research Data Center Annual Conference

Keynote Presentation Speaker : Nobel Economist, James Heckman (topic TBD)

The Triangle RDC, in behalf of the Census Research Data Center Program, welcomes proposals to present papers and posters based on current or recent projects carried out in a [...]

Complete OD matrix (OnTheMap V2) available to local compute users as MySQL database

The complete OnTheMap OD matrix is available to users of the VirtualRDC compute nodes. Note that it is NOT available to users outside of the Cornell University's Ithaca campus network. [...]

Downtime for ia64 nodes

There will be a short downtime during the course of October 1, 2008, for security patches to ia64 nodes. Sorry for the late notice.