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Brief downtime of the web server

We need to do some maintenance on the web server, it might be temporarily unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Brief downtime of web servers for security patches

We will be taking down the web servers (including this one) tonight for security patches. Expected downtime is brief.

QWIPU R2008Q4 (data through 2008:1) for all participating states are available

The most recent QWIPU data for all participating LED states have been uploaded. The release R2008Q4 covers data through 2008:1. New this quarter is New York. Registered users can download the data immediately. New users wishing to access the data can request a login for the site by sending an email to

Making room for QWI R2008Q4

We are deleting the archival R2007Q3 release from our download server to make room for the upcoming R2008Q4. If you require access to the removed version, please contact

NSF01 upcoming storage migration/downtime

Concurrent with and because of the RDC network's migration to blades, the storage attached to NSF01 will need to be migrated as well - from one (old, out-of-warranty) SAN to a new (equivalent, but in-warranty) SAN. This will require some [...]