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New features on our website

We have added a 'tag cloud' and some relevant third-party information feeds to the sidebar (including the Cornell network status, which hightiights items that may impact access to the VirtualRDC). Please let us know what you think.

Nicer links on this site

We have re-enabled "pretty" links - they had failed in an earlier instantation of this site, and were never turned back on. So now works just as well as

Society of Labor Economists 14th Annual Meetings

SOLE meets in Boston on May 8-9, 2009 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel.

NSF-Census-IRS Workshop on Synthetic Data and Confidentiality Protection

A workshop that will bring together university-based researchers, members of the international official statistical community, and other interested user communities is planned for July 31, 2009, the Friday before the 2009 Joint Statistical Meetings in Washington DC. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss and critique newly created public-use micro-data files that are based [...]

OnTheMap v3.2 available

OnTheMap data has been updated to v3.2. These data files are provided by the LEHD Program at the U.S. Census Bureau and are now available for download to registered users. To register for access to the data, please request a login for the site by sending an email to Registered users can go directly [...]