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Account creation paused until July 14, 2009

The site administrator-cum-sysadmin is away until July 14, 2009. No accounts (for download: QWI, OnTheMap; for compute access) will be created during this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Possible NSF01 reboot later today

We have requested a reboot of NSF01 to attempt to resolve some I/O-related performance issues. The reboot should take place by the end of the day today, but may be delayed until Monday. There are currently no active jobs, so it should be minimally disruptive.

Conference site open for 2009 Joint U.S.-Canadian Census Research Data Center Conference

From the Cornell RDC administrator, addressed to (prospective) RDC researchers:

"A web page is now available with transportation, lodging and registration information for the upcoming 2009 Joint U.S.-Canadian Census Research Data Center Conference. Please visit the site here:


SPSS readin files for QWI uploaded

It took us a while, but we have uploaded instructions provided by a user on how to load QWI files in SPSS, including the relevant format [...]

Downtime for VRDC6401 later this week

There will be a short downtime including reboot later this week (presumably on Friday morning) for VRDC6401. Your sessions will be terminated. Please plan accordingly.