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We have been awarded an NSF grant to continue the VirtualRDC and create a Social Science Gateway (SSG) to TeraGrid

John Abowd and Lars Vilhuber have been awarded NSF grant SES-0922005 to continue the VirtualRDC in its current form, as well as create a new Social Science Gateway to TeraGrid. [...]

QWIPU R2009Q2 (data through 2008:3) available for download

The most recent QWIPU data for all participating LED states are available for download. The release R2009Q2 covers data through 2008:3. [...]

QWIPU R2009Q2 available on compute nodes, download will follow shortly

The SAS data files for QWIPU release R2009Q2 have replaced the previous version of the QWIPU on the compute [...]

QWI R2009Q2 being prepared for download/access on VirtualRDC

We are making last adjustments to the QWI release for R2009Q2 (data through 2008Q3). We expect to be able to release it later this week for download by authorized users and access on the compute nodes.

Success: NSF01 filesystem fully functional again.

As of 2009-07-16, 14:21, /temporary/saswork1 is back online as a 2.9 terabyte filesystem and is available for regular use.