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Server downtime scheduled for VirtualRDC

We will be doing routine hardware and OS maintenance on the evening of September 8, 2009. All servers will be inaccessible for some (varying) period of time. Please plan your work accordingly.

Issue with QWI R2009Q2 for Idaho SOLVED

We have uploaded the corrected version of the Idaho files for R2009Q2. Users who have previously these files prior to 2009-08-27 should re-download their files. This solves the previously identified problem. All other states are unaffected and unchanged.

QWI auxiliary files updated/added

We've updated the QWI cheatsheet to include the (important) flags regarding data quality of the published statistics. We've also added some SAS programs into the experimental/ folder that map the information from the cheatsheet into SAS formats. [...]

Issue with QWI R2009Q2 for Idaho

We have identified an issue with the downloadable QWI data for Idaho from Census Bureau's R2009Q2 release. It appears that the data series only covers statistics through 2008:2 rather than 2008:3. We have contacted the Census Bureau, who are investigating the [...]

NSF01 next attempt at storage migration (updated)

After having resolved contractual maintenance issues, the next attempt to migrate the NSF01 storage from the older storage array to the newer (supported) array has been tentatively [...]