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Post-workshop items

The 2009 NSF-Census-IRS Workshop on Synthetic Data and Confidentiality Protection was a great success. 121 registered attendees from 38 different institutions and agencies were present. 17 presentations and keynotes were given over the course of the day. The presentations are available at { display: none; [...]

Temporary SAS license for ia64 implemented

We are working on straightening out the licensing situation for the ia64 nodes. In the meantime, a temporary license has been applied, and will tidy us over until we get the 2009/2010 license fully implemented. { display: none; }

SAS Syntax file for Linux editor

Kate is a editor that is installed on most (KDE-based) Linux desktop environments (including our own login nodes at the VirtualRDC). Ian S. has kindly provided us with a syntax-highlighting file for SAS programs. It can be downloaded and installed from, although we might move it to our openSUSE BuildService at a later stage [...]

SAS license updated

SAS licenses have been updated on the x86_64 nodes. As happens almost every year, the ia64 nodes have some problems. We hope to have a new license file by Wednesday. { display: none; }