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NSF01 is back up

Title says it all.

VRDC6405 users, listen up: migration to SSG

We are preparing to take 6405 offline in order to integrate it into the new SSG cluster. [...]

Status of the Social Science Gateway to TeraGrid

Track the progress of the start of the Social Science Gateway @ [...]

NSF01 storage migration, attempt 3

OK, the next attempt is ready to go:

Starting this Friday, oct 23: all mixedtmp areas will be mounted read-only Starting Monday, Oct 26, downtime for 3 days. Wed Oct 28, system is back up, but mixedtmp is still being restored.

QWIPU R2009Q3 (data through 2008:4) available on compute nodes and for download

The most recent QWIPU data for all participating LED states are available for download. The release R2009Q3 covers data through 2008:4. [...]