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R 2.11.1 for ia64 available for use and download

R 2.11.1 has been compiled for ia64/SLES9, and is available on our ia64 node, as well as for download at our IA64 RPM repository. It will be available on NSF01 soon, as well. A pre-compiled list of packages (the list can be seen here) is available as a RPM as well.

SAS upgraded to SAS TS2M3 on SSG

The SAS version installed on the SSG has been upgraded to the latest (TS2M3). Enjoy!

QWI release files for R2010Q3 fixed

The issue identified yesterday has been fixed. All files now cover the correct time range. The files on the SSG compute nodes are rebuilding.

Error in the distributed R2010Q3 QWI files - UPDATE: fixed.

We identified an error in our mirror of the QWI R2010Q3 files. We are correcting it.

Migrating from legacy nodes

We are migrating all remaining users from our legacy nodes. If you have not yet received an account creation message for an account on the SSG, please contact us.