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VRDC3201 decommissioned, all data files migrated to new SDS

The old VRDC3201 (SSB server) has been decommissioned. Any user files have been migrated to the successor node SDS. If you have not yet had your account migrated, please request a new account on SDS by following guidelines at the SDS page.

Downloads (QWI, OTM) down for maintenance this weekend

If you encounter download issues, please bear with us: we are upgrading the server hosting the download files, and your access might be intermittent or interrupted. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update on server outages at SSG [final?]

All compute nodes are up, and seem to be accessible. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

Update on server outages at SSG [corrected]

Correction: while compute-0-0 is up, it is not accessible. We are still working on it. Compute-0-[1,2] are operational, and available for compute jobs.

Update: compute-0-0 and compute-0- 1 are up (compute-0-3 was already up), node 2 is still failing. The absence of node compute-0-2 means no Teragrid connectivity at this [...]

Unplanned server outages

There was a major power outage on the Cornell campus last night (Dec 1-2, 2010). All servers rebooted. As of this morning:

SSG is available, as are some, but not all of the compute nodes. Use the monitoring website to verify their status. SDS is available This website (obviously) The SVN repository and code download [...]