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SSG Emergency outage 2011-02-23 through 02-24

The SSG cluster is currently available, as the main storage system needs to be [...]

SSG compute-0-3 storage upgraded

We have added 5TB of scratch to compute-0-3 (putting it on par with the other compute nodes).

Zero-obs files for the 1-year ACS 2009 files are available on SSG

The zero-obs files corresponding to the 1-year restricted-access ACS for 2009 are now available on the SSG. Registered users can access them and the corresponding codebook at


If you are not a registered SSG user, please consult our information page in this regard.

Emergency Downtime for SDS.VRDC.CORNELL.EDU

´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐DOWNTIME: Friday, Feb 11th, 2011, [...]