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SSG Downtime Monday, Mar 28, 2011 at 9am – Noon

SSG DOWNTIME WHEN: Monday, Mar 28, 2011 at 9am – Noon REASON: To increase the size of /home WHO WILL BE AFFECTED? All SSG.VRDC.CORNELL.EDU users. WHAT WILL BE UNAVAILABLE?

· SSG users will not be able to connect to the SSG server during the outage. { display: none; }

OnTheMap data (LODES) now available on the SSG

The LODES data released by the Census Bureau on March 21, 2011 has been downloaded to the SSG, and made available under /data/onthemap/v5.0. { display: none; [...]

Raw data for OnTheMap v5 released by the Census Bureau

The LODES (LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics) raw data has been made available for download by the Census Bureau. Historical versions of the released data continue to be available at the VirtualRDC at { display: none; [...]

Synthetic Longitudinal Business Database (SynLBD) now available

The Synthetic LBD Beta Data Product (SynLBD) is now available for access through the VirtualRDC's Synthetic Data Server here at Cornell University. { display: none; [...]

Repository SSL certificate updated

For the users of the annual renewal of the SSL certificate was done. { display: none; [...]