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SSG Downtime Monday, Mar 28, 2011 at 9am โ€“ Noon

SSG DOWNTIME WHEN: Monday, Mar 28, 2011 at 9am โ€“ Noon REASON: To increase the size of /home WHO WILL BE AFFECTED? All SSG.VRDC.CORNELL.EDU users. WHAT WILL BE UNAVAILABLE?

ยท SSG users will not be able to connect to the SSG server during the outage.

OnTheMap data (LODES) now available on the SSG

The LODES data released by the Census Bureau on March 21, 2011 has been downloaded to the SSG, and made available under [...]

Raw data for OnTheMap v5 released by the Census Bureau

The LODES (LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics) raw data has been made available for download by the Census Bureau. Historical versions of the released data continue to be available at the VirtualRDC at [...]

Synthetic Longitudinal Business Database (SynLBD) now available

The Synthetic LBD Beta Data Product (SynLBD) is now available for access through the VirtualRDC's Synthetic Data Server here at Cornell [...]

Repository SSL certificate updated

For the users of the annual renewal of the SSL certificate was done. [...]