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Important notice to users of SSG: deletion policy

Important note: as of May 1, 2011, we will be enforcing a policy of deleting files older than 4 weeks in /scratch and in users' home directories' "Trash" folder.

[completed] Emergency Maintenance of NSF01 (not SSG!)

´╗┐As previously noted, NSF01 (the supercomputer in the Census RDC network) needs maintenance on its fibrechannel SAN interfaces. While we had penciled in Monday, the vendor did not confirm with Census IT until today. Maintenance is now scheduled for 3-5PM today. Sorry for the short notice. This downtime ONLY affects NSF01 users, not other Census [...]

[solved] Performance, usability issues on Windows NX clients for SSG

Certain users had reported performance issues (slow KDE menu, etc.) on the SSG NX sessions (most obvious to Windows users, less so to Linux users), as well as some difficulties with the default configuration for the file browser in Gnome (all users). We have implemented solutions for these, and pushed them to all users. Please [...]

BRDIS, SIRD, MEPS-IC zero-obs datasets available on VirtualRDC

Zero-obs datasets for BRDIS, SIRD, and MEPS-IC datasets are now available on the SSG compute [...]