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New QWI tabulations: Race, Ethnicity and Education (REE) Data Release

The Census Bureau has released new QWI tabulations, tabulating the usual QWI statistics (accessions, separations, etc.) by race and ethnicity, and by education and age categories. The full announcement by the Census Bureau can be found here. The variable definitions are also listed on our QWI Cheatsheet. The raw data are available for the R2011Q2 [...]

[SSG] Stata has been upgraded to version 12 on all SSG nodes

We have upgraded Stata to the newer version on all nodes. New features are listed at [...]

[SSG] Additional SSG documentation posted

We have made launching interactive jobs somewhat easier (it is now point-and-click for most applications), see the Step 4 - Using the SSG page. We have also posted some example instructions on how to transfer data to XSEDE resources, see Step 6.

[SSG] Updated BDS on compute servers

We've updated the BDS data for users of the compute nodes. The BDS files can be combined with QWI and National QWI files. Users not using the compute nodes should download the data directly from the Census Bureau at

Upcoming new QWI tabulations: race, ethnicity, and education

We have received several queries as to the availability of additional demographic characteristics on QWI. The Census Bureau has communicated to us that with the R2011Q3 release, new tabulations (by race and ethnicity, and by education and age) will be released as a beta (preliminary) release. Details should be forthcoming in the next couple of [...]