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Rescheduled website downtime: 2011-10-31 8AM [completed!]

The web services at the VirtualRDC (this website, repositories, download) will be down on Monday morning, 2011-10-31 8 AM.

QWIPU R2011Q3 available on SSG compute nodes

The latest QWIPU files are available on the SSG compute nodes. [...]

QWIPU R2011Q3 (data through 2010:4) available for download

The most recent QWIPU data for all participating LED states are available for download. The release R2011Q3 covers data through 2010:4, for 48 [...]

[Cancelled] Scheduled downtime of web services 2011-10-24 is cancelled

The downtime of our web services is cancelled. It will be rescheduled, and the new time announced here.

[Cancelled] Scheduled downtime of web services 2011-10-24

This website, the download servers, and the repositories will be offline Monday morning, 8AM-11AM for maintenance. Access to the Social Science Gateway compute and login servers, as well as the Synthetic Data Server, is NOT affected. Thank you for your understanding.