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ISSwiki being turned off

The ISSwiki is being turned off. If this causes hardship to anybody (in case anybody is still using it), let us know.

VirtualRDC/SSG/SDS are now part of the Labor Dynamics Institute

We have re-organized, and the activities of the VirtualRDC, including the Social Science Gateway and the Synthetic Data Server, are now part of ILR's new Labor Dynamics Institute.


ATTENTION: All Synthetic Data Server Users DOWNTIME for: DATE: Monday, 10/17/11 TIME: 9:00am - 5:00pm WHY: numerous software updates. * All users will be logged off. *

Note: this does NOT affect the Social Science Gateway.

Wiki should work again.

We ran a database check, it should be fine now.

Wiki intermittent database problems

Due to a failed disk and unscheduled server downtime, there are some issues with the VRDC Wiki. Please bear with us, they will be fixed later tonight.