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Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) archival and current data available for download

The Census Bureau's Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) data are compiled from the Longitudinal Business Database (Jarmin and Miranda 2002). The LBD is a longitudinal database of business establishments and firms covering the years since 1976, and is updated on a regular basis. As additional years of the LBD are available the BDS is also updated. [...]

[SSG] BED, QCEW updated on SSG compute servers

The BLS' BED and QCEW data have been updated on the SSG compute servers. They can be found in the /data/clean/{bed,qcew} directory.

New look, new host for VirtualRDC website

We are upgrading our webhosting infrastructure, and have taken the opportunity to also somewhat refresh the look of our site. Not all services have been migrated as of Feb 8, 2012, and as we slowly migrate them to the new platform, some parts of the site might be temporarily unavailable, or might show some strange [...]

[SSG] new version of R (2.14, linked against Intel MKL)

We have installed a new version of R - 2.14.0 to be precise, linked against the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL). In our tests, this version greatly improves matrix operations when compared against the standard GCC-compiled [...]

Issue with new QWI compression

Users have brought to our attention a problem with the new BZIP2-compressed files. It appears that Winzip (versions through 16.0) cannot successfully decompress these files (despite claims to support the format). 7-zip (versions through 9.20) has no such problems, but we are looking into other [...]