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QWIPU R2012Q2 (data through 2011:3) available for download

The most recent QWIPU data for all participating LED states are available for download from our new download server. The release R2012Q2 covers data through 2011:3, for 46 states and the District of [...]

New Survey of Business Owners Public Use Microdata Sample: 2007

The Census Bureau has released a new Survey of Business Owners (SBO) Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) for 2007. The data file is available on the SSG for users with compute accounts. The data structure for the confidential microdata, which can be accessed exclusively in the Census RDC, is replicated on the SSG in the [...]

[delayed] Migration to new download server

Our core download and web server is now several years old, and we have migrated several services to new servers. This website has been migrated for quite some time now, but we are finishing up migrating the (large) data download servers to a new service provider. We have nearly completed that task (it still takes [...]

[SSG] Removing QWI R2011Q3 files from compute servers [UPDATED]

To make room for the next (updated) versions of QWI, we will be removing the 2011Q3 SAS and Stata files in 1 week. Please update any programs you have to reference the latest (R2012Q1) files.

[Update] As of 2012-08-24, these files have been removed.