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Beta release of QWI for Federal Workers (OPM)

As part of a Center for Economic Studies (CES) research program, the Census Bureau is releasing detailed sub-state tabulations by demographic characteristics of OPM-covered employment and earnings, as Quarterly Workforce Indicators for OPM (QWI-OPM). The new Quarterly Workforce Indicators for OPM (QWI-OPM) are released to a wider audience to obtain feedback prior to a full [...]

[SSG] [SDS] DOWNTIME: Wednesday, Oct 10th, 2012, 8am-5pm

REASONS: To apply October 2012 security patches (Windows and Linux).

WHO WILL BE AFFECTED? Users of CAC managed resources housed in Rhodes Hall - this is where SSG and SDS are located. Running jobs on compute nodes will continue, but job status will not be available.


Linux Cluster head nodes will [...]