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Update 4 (final) on Wednesday's downtime

HTTPS access from off-campus to the repositories is now feasible. { display: none; }

Update 3 on today's unscheduled downtime

SVN access to has been re- established for all users. HOWEVER, { display: none; [...]

Update 2 on today's downtime

All services should be up again for, please let us know if you encounter any issues at Work on continues. { display: none; }

Update on today's unscheduled downtime

The server hosting the following services:

crashed hard. We are recovering the data from backup, and hope to have services re-enabled by tomorrow. IMPORTANT: For users of, all commits after 2:12 AM May 29 2013 are lost. { display: none; [...]

Some VRDC services down

The following services are affected by this unplanned outage: all services directly on

This does not affect SSG, SDS, or the download server if directly accessed.

We will post again once the services are re-established. { display: none; }