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[ECCO] Cluster monitoring tool now available from campus network

When within the Cornell campus network, you can now monitor the cluster (and your jobs) at We are still working on making it available from off-campus. Note that you can also access this webpage when logged on to ECCO itself (within the NX session), which may help those who are off-campus. Alternatively, access it [...]

[ECCO] compute-0-4 online

Our newest node has been put into the job queue (1TB of RAM), see this page for more details.

[Repost] [ECCO] Important changes to Globus web site and products

The site has posted the following information regarding changes to their website and services (Globus Online can be used to transfer files to and from [...]

[ECCO] Memory upgrades successful

We have successfully upgraded three of our (older, general purpose) compute nodes:

compute-0-0 and compute-0-1 now have 144 GB compute-0-2 now has 212GB

This will allow users to run bigger jobs. Your job submissions should not request specific nodes; you should only request the memory that is needed - jobs will be allocated appropriately to [...]