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The Economics Compute Cluster (ECCO) has migrated to the BioHPC environment, and accounts are not handled on this website anymore. See the BioHPC User Guide.

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NSF01 upcoming storage migration/downtime

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Concurrent with and because of the RDC network's migration to blades, the storage attached to NSF01 will need to be migrated as well - from one (old, out-of-warranty) SAN to a new (equivalent, but in-warranty) SAN. This will
require some inconveniences:

  • /temporary/saswork1 and /temporary/saswork2 will be rebuilt, and all data stored on these (scratch) filesystems will be lost.
  • /mixedtmp/lehd , /mixedtmp/lehd2, mixedtmp/lehd3 will be temporarily offline, but no data loss will occur. Their migration involves them being backed up to tape, and the restoration of the data on the new SAN may take a bit longer than the rest.
  • /rdcprojects filesystem are currently being rsynced to the new SAN. When the final migration occurs, the users will be logged off, a final rsync happens, and the data should be available on the new SAN. When the system comes up, using the new SAN, all data should be there (you should test this, instructions will be sent separately, and your RDC admin can work with you on this).

The above filesystems are exclusive to NSF01. The general SAN migration also
affects NSF01.

  • Data warehouse (/economic, /demographic, /mixed, /decennial) have already been migrated. Due to changes in the SAN architecture, they will be accessed using NFS (1Gbps network) instead of Fibre Channel (2Gbps). Given the low usage of these data, we hope that this does not impact users too much, but you should be aware of this (the only real alternative would have been a wholesale change of the OS that NSF01 runs, which has not been tested...)

The expected migration date is around Monday, Feb 9th. The expected duration is at least 2 days, with some additional days for the migration of /mixedtmp. I should be receiving a more definitive timeline (and lists of tasks) in the coming days from the team doing the migration.

As things firm up, I will let you know more.