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All services on LSERVICES active again

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SSH login has been activated again. A portion of your old home directory was NOT migrated to your new home directory, but to a different location. The migration of your home directories proceeded as follows:

  • All of your YEEHAA home directories were migrated to LSERVICES,
    from YEEHAA:/home/user to LSERVICES:/mirror/

  • The most important configuration parameters were copied from LSERVICES:/mirror/y.../home/old/user to /home/user. You should find them when you log in.
  • Any other files you might want are NOT migrated - they stayed under /mirror/y.../home/old/user. You will need to copy them manually if you need them.
  • /mirror/y.../home/old/user will be DELETED (archived permanently) in 3 months. After that date, they will no longer be available.

If you have any questions, send an email to lars.vilhuber AT