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The Economics Compute Cluster (ECCO) has migrated to the BioHPC environment, and accounts are not handled on this website anymore. See the BioHPC User Guide.

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ASReml for ia64 available

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A custom binary for Linux on ia64 of ASReml was compiled for us by John Zollweg @ Cornell.
ASReml is software for linear mixed model estimation, and is used by many CISER and LEHD researchers. Please contact the VRDC administrators if you wish to use ASReml, either on our systems (we have a site license) or on your own Linux/ia64 systems by downloading it from our RPM download site (in which case you will need to contact VSN to obtain a license).

A 8GB problem ran in 378 seconds (1.5Ghz IA64) compared to 929 seconds on a SUN (E12k, 900Mhz SparcIII)