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Call For Papers: Conference on Education, Training and the Evolving Workplace

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The (Canadian) National Research Data Centre Program issued a Call For Papers a while ago.

Conference on Education, Training and the Evolving Workplace
May 12-13 2006
Vancouver, BC, Canada

From the call for papers:
"As competitive pressures from globalization and technological change continue to challenge our economy, it is of great importance to understand the impact of these changes for education and training policies, as well as the role of firms in this evolving environment. Perspectives taking a longer historical view are also welcome.

Proposals on these and related issues are invited, such as:

  • Public policies for education and training
  • Education and training: worker/firm outcomes
  • Wage determination: workers and the workplace
  • Workplace practices: evolution and performance
  • Working time/schedules and hours constraints
  • Computer/internet use in school/on the job
  • Work-life balance issues and policies
  • Education and health
  • Older workers, training and the evolving workplace

Keynote speakers: David Card, UC-Berkeley and Kathryn Shaw, Stanford University
Proposals should be between 600 and 1000 words, and include information on the issue of interest, the data, the methodological approach and whether the research is being carried out in a RDC. [The National RDC Program] will pay travel and accommodation for those presenting papers. The proposals should be sent to Nicole M. Fortin no later than November 30th, 2005. "

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